analisi dinamiche01

The images show the main steps of a dynamic simulation of a “pick and place” robot. This type of machine can move gripped objects at very high speed (tens of cm per fractions of a second). The physical consequence of very short maneuver times is high stress caused by accelerations suffered by the robot components.

In addition to structural inspections, a dynamic simulation allows you to estimate moments to be applied to ensure the desired speed and acceleration. Basically, a suitable choice of engines needs proper dynamic assessment.


analisi dinamiche02

The images show deformation measure of one of the vibrational natural frequencies of a clamped motor-pump (motor – pump on a clamp).

At a design stage, this measure allows you to avoid resonance, namely relevant amplitudes of vibration.

The opportunity to have natural frequencies during simulation allows you to make design changes that are aimed at avoiding any overlap between forced and natural vibrations in a given system.