analisi statiche01

Example of “barred tee” connection for a pipeline made of steel MSS SP-75 WPHY 65: pictures show Von Mises equivalent stress ([MPa]) by color mappings related to different load conditions.

The different effects considered are:

  • Internal mass flow pressure
  • External pressure, produced by seabed hydrostatic pressure.
  • Axial and tangential forces transmitted to the reference component by both the main line and branch
  • Bending moments and torque transmitted by both the main and line from the branch

The numerical results obtained are suitable for numerical processing of structural inspection according to ASME standards.


analisi statiche02


The images refer to the static simulation of a transmission to “screw-gear sector” for the control/actuation in a throttle valve opening. The main components are made of stainless steel type 18NiCrMo5Pb.

The screw, driven by a ROV, sets in rotation the gear sector. The rotation of the sector commands the plate of a throttle.

The results provided as an example show the chromatic maps of Von Mises equivalent stress ([MPa]) relating to the condition of meshing the maximum torque applied to a screw. The results allow to perform check resistance in the items in question.


analisi statiche03

The images represent a stays anchor point on a beam – column joint in an industrial shed.

Stress data are used to assess reliability and working condition of both steel and precast reinforced concrete elements.

Displacement data allow to assess deformation, both qualitatively and quantitatively.